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The majority of Earth's fighter squadron becomes ill and unable to fly after consuming poisoned food discs. Buck, Wilma, and Duke Denton fly to a distant planet to track down a slave trader named Kaleel. While on the planet Vistula, they find that Kaleel has been building a fleet of attack ships in secret, and plans to use them against Earth's meager defense forces. With Earth heavily outnumbered, Buck decides that he must destroy the alien's ships and rescue Wilma, who has become trapped in Kaleel's mountain fortress.


Most of Earth’s defense squadron becomes incapacitated after ingesting poisoned food discs. Buck travels to the planet of the food's origin, Vistula, with Wilma and flight instructor Duke Danton (Groh), an old boyfriend of Wilma's. On the planet, they trace the plot to a man named Kaleel (Palance) who has been selling slaves to the planet's governor (McDowall) and secretly building an attack fleet. With so few fighter pilots, Earth's defense force is now outnumbered 10-to-1. Buck must rescue Wilma from Kaleel's mountain fortress and destroy the fleet before they can reach Earth.


This episode was initially aired as a two-hour special.

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