Twiki (pronounced twee-kee) is a robot sometimes referred to as an "ambuquad", which refers to a specialized series of robots made for work in space mines, and used as Amulaory Transportation for their QuAd superiors / partners. Built by an ambuquad facility in New Chicago, his name, "Twiki", is derived from the robot's alphanumeric designation TWKE-4. His Serial Number is n22-23-t.

Aka AMbuQuAd


Due to Buck Rogers' 20th Century terminologies and references, and his treatment of Twiki as a friend rather than servant, Twiki has emulated Buck's sense of humor. Twiki has been known to ask others, such as Commander Royko (Space Vampire), to "Gimme five." Twiki's sense of humor also includes `threats' of `Tweaking' someone (pinching them with his metallic pincer-hands) if they annoy him.


His Bidi-bidi-bidi-bidi robot language could be considered an homage to Star Wars' R2-D2's binary chirps, beeps, and whistles (As Dr. Theopolis understood his robotic speech. It's also a direct homage to Mel Blanc, as Bidi-bidi-bidi sounds like a robotic version of Porky Pig's `b'deep, b'deep, b'deep that's all, folks!'

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