Earth is faced with mass destruction from a 10-ton "spaceberg," which threatens to ignite and scorch half the planet. Meanwhile, Twiki is stolen by Kurt Belzak (John P. Ryan) and taken to his mining colony on a different planet. To replace rebelling mine workers, Belzak schemes to reproduce the drone and send the duplicates into the mines. Buck travels to the planet to save Twiki, and while in the mines he finds a powerful explosive that can destroy the asteroid. But first he must get past a trio of Omni Guard super androids - Stella (Anne-Marie Martin) [1], Clare (Bebe Louie) [2] and Dawn (Eugenia Wright) - sent by Belzak to kill Buck.


  1. Listed as Eddie Benton
  2. Listed as Janet Bebe Louie
PDVD 703
PDVD 687
PDVD 691
PDVD 695
PDVD 719
PDVD 720


Stella by snople-dab4sau
Omniguard buck rogers by snople-dab4s3v